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Brion Chang has a comprehensive working overview of small to large projects. As the former Director of Design and Production at International Convention Services, Brion supervised the fabrication crew from project start, product completion to installation. He enjoys working in the trenches with his team on custom builds, oversize 3D props and stage fabrication.

Vice President

Tom Izon is highly adept in blending conceptual design and function together. His 30+ years in the retail and industrial visual design industry has honed his skills in 3D illustrations, CAD design and detailed working drawings for retail stores, furniture and fixture. Tom's excitement comes from creating the Wow factor in all his work through color and material selection, lighting effects and graphics.

Director of Production

Kim Nakasato 25+ years in construction expertise effectively translates into successful management of all our projects. She easily shares her in-depth working knowledge in construction  best practices of carpentry, cabinetmaking and metal work with her team of experienced builders. Kim's organizational skills excel in project management to ensure on-time delivery.

CFX Hawaii

Address: 1015 Paapu St., Honolulu, HI 96819


Contact: Brion Chang

Phone: 808.256.1256


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